Low Country FWB Church Blessing Box

Low Country FWB Church has set up a Blessing Box to help assist with providing food and hygiene items for people in the local community that could use a helping hand. We have stocked the blessing box and will provide additional donations as needed with the supplies available. If anyone would like to help with donations it would be greatly appreciated!

Low Country FWB Church Blessing Box

Below is information from https://www.chsblessingbox.org/who-we-are

Blessing Boxes are stocked with non-perishable food items, basic toiletries, baby supplies, and anything else that might be considered a blessing to someone who finds themselves in need. Items are anonymously donated and anonymously received and available at any time day or night.

One simple rule applies – Leave what you can, take what you need. 

This effort began in early 2017 and has grown to include more than 200 Blessing Boxes throughout the Lowcountry. We believe that anonymous giving and spreading kindness one small act at a time will bring about the change we want to see in our community.

Studies show adults with food insecurity will skip meals or reduce their portions to provide for children in their homes as they wait for pay day. Many food insecure families do not qualify for the assistance of food banks, or are hesitant to turn to food banks for assistance due to the stigma. One “bad month” can be enough to plunge a household into food insecurity. Lay-offs at work, unexpected car maintenance, unforeseen medical bills, or an accident on the job can suddenly force a family to choose between buying food and paying bills. This is the purpose of our project- to bridge this gap.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Locate a Blessing Box

Map of all Locations

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