Low Country FWB Church is Seeking a Pastor

It is with a heavy heart that Low Country Free Will Baptist Church is announcing that Pastor Rodney Wilson will be retiring on January 31st, 2021. Pastor Rodney has always committed himself whole-heartedly to serving the Lord while at Low Country FWB and will be greatly missed. We wish him well as he moves back to North Carolina to be closer to his family and pray that the Lord will watch over him. Though we have enjoyed the time the Lord has allowed us to worship together we understand that with Pastor Rodney’s absence Low Country FWB Church will need to seek a new Pastor to serve. We ask that everyone keep this in mind during their prayers and that the Lord will provide the right person at the time of His choosing. We ask that anyone who may be interested in the position, whether locally or out of state, to contact the Church via the contact form linked here @ https://lowcountryfwbchurch.com/contact/ or to contact the South Carolina Association of Free Will Baptist @ http://www.scfwb.com/contact-form/ or call the main office (843) 657-2091 if the Lord has put it on your heart to lead Low Country FWB church.

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